Harness the power of technology to streamline railcar storage

Railbid is an online auction platform that connects owners of spare rail track or underutilized sidings with railcar owners who need storage space.

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Why choose us?

Efficient Railbid eliminates the need for car owners to search for storage availability, or storage track owners to market their services—allowing both to focus on their core businesses.
Flexible All owners of track can provide storage when availability permits, such as grain elevators outside of peak times. Thus, resulting in greater asset utilization for track owners, and an expanded market for car owners.
Cost Effective We utilize a low flat rate subscription for all parties, and a flat listing fee per 50 feet of storage requested by the car owner.
Price Discovery The Dutch auction process, whereby the daily storage rate is reduced until the auction ends, assures the most competitively priced rate.

How it works

1. Select Storage Markets 01

Car owners define the region they wish to store their cars

2. Complete Listing Profile 02

Car owners detail the preferred conditions of storage

3. Request Offers 03

Invitations are sent to track owners to bid anonymously using a Dutch auction

4. Bid 04

Providers bid anonymously using a Dutch auction process to assure the best rates. An anonymous chat on the listing profile is available to address questions about conditions.

5. Auction Close 05

The winning provider is connected with the car owner and storage is initiated.